Revolutionize Your Organization's Outreach and Data Capabilities

By leveraging Catholic's extensive catalog of data lists, your data no longer has to "live by faith alone."

  • ZIP Code List

    With 40,000 ZIP Codes matched to all 175 Catholic diocese in the United States, our ZIP Code lists will enhance your organization's database with a few easy clicks!

  • Parish List - COMING SOON!

    Our meticulously curated list of 17,000+ parishes offers the most comprehensive solution available to significantly enhance your organization's outreach efforts.

  • Catholic Schools List - COMING SOON!

    With over 3,000+ Catholic schools (pre-school through high school), our Catholic Schools List is the quickest way to level-up your organization's outreach.

3 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Data!

1️⃣ Choose the list that best suits your needs

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3️⃣ Start leveraging this new data!

Need data that we don't offer? Let us know and we'll explore building a custom solution for your organization!