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Wealthiest ZIP Codes in the USA

Wealthiest ZIP Codes in the USA

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Do you struggle to identify the right donors to reach out to?

Do you feel like you're often shooting in the dark when it comes to donor outreach?

You're not alone. Many organizations face this challenge. That's why we've created a solution designed to enhance your outreach efficiency and effectiveness, helping you connect with the donors who can make the biggest impact on your mission.

Introducing our Wealthiest ZIP Codes in the USA list.

With this powerful, NEW offering, you can identify potential and current donors who have a high probability of making a higher income, ensuring your efforts are focused where they can yield the greatest results.

Here’s how our offerings can help:

  • Triple Threat List: Featuring the top three ZIP codes with the highest median incomes from each state, this list is ideal for moderately sized organizations and apostolates with a specific geographic focus. It includes 150 total ZIP codes, providing a targeted approach to donor outreach.
  • Top 500 List: For larger apostolates with a broader donor base, this list includes the top 500 ZIP codes nationwide with the highest median incomes. It’s a valuable tool to pinpoint prospective donors who are better positioned to support your mission.
  • Top 1,000 List: Designed for organizations seeking extensive data, this list covers the top 1,000 ZIP codes across all 50 states. It’s perfect for those eager to maximize their outreach potential with comprehensive data points.

Each list is compiled using the latest data from the most recent United States Census and Experian Information Solutions, Inc., ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

With our Wealthiest ZIP Codes lists, you can stop guessing and start connecting with the donors who can truly drive your mission forward. Just download, import into your CRM, and start doing outreach the smart way.

Any questions? You know where to reach us:

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